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Hospital Radio Reading, also known as HHR is a registered charity hospital radio station which broadcasts to patients, staff and volunteers at hospitals in Reading, at the Royal Berkshire Hospital this is done via the Hospedia Entertainment System, online via tunein and our website.

Run solely by volunteers, our presenters visit patients & staff on wards of the Royal Berks Hospital on a daily basis and provide a live and interactive service of music requests shows. In addition to this we provide entertainment and local football commentaries whenever possible, with news, information and music from our automated system being provided at other times. We are delighted to have Alan Dedicoat Esq. as the organisation’s Honorary President.

To learn more about where we got started and our 60+ year history click here!

Reading Hospital Broadcasting Service – Registered Charity No: 244974 – Founded Sept 1957 by Capt. LH Warth MBE TD

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