Ayush Sinha

Ayush Sinha is just 17 and combines volunteering on our Monday night HRR Requests team with his A-Level studies at Reading School just across the road. His first appearance on radio was on a specialist channel for engineers, while he was part of a British team at an international robotics event in Hungary. Having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, when he got back home he looked for more opportunities to get involved with radio and Hospital Radio seemed like the perfect solution, since Ayush’s ambition is to be a doctor. Like many of our younger members his earliest musical memories are of the music his parents played in the car while driving him to school and, very much a child of the 21st century and this era of multimedia and downloads, he confesses that he has never actually bought a record of his own! As for hobbies, he just says “I play a lot on my Play Station 4” (typical teenager ! – Ed) but, if ever he doesn’t pass his medical exams, could that provide an alternative career path? For he admits he

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