Emily Maybanks

Emily Maybanks was encouraged to join HRR in the summer of 2019 by her stepfather who also volunteers with us and as part of the Sunday afternoon team she helps to present your HRR requests. Having spent time in the RBH on the receiving end of our programmes, she has a special appreciate of how important a service HRR provides. When not on the radio Emily’s work has been mostly in education: after going to China to teach English and helping to run Breakfast and After School Clubs for school children she is not working as a classroom assistant. In her spare time Emily loves karate and enjoys a variety of music. Her favourite artists are Bastille – whom she saw at Reading Festival in 2017 and in Swansea in 2018 – and she has also seen The Script, James Blunt and Il Divo performing live. But she also enjoys musicals, especially The Greatest Showman, and Mamma Mia!  Her earliest musical memories are of her dad listening to The Lighthouse Family on family holidays and she insists she is too young to have bought any singles : “When I was a teenager, I bought the Now! CDs but now it’s all YouTube and Spotify!” She particularly admires local presenter Michelle Jordan – formerly of Heart Breakfast and now BBC Radio Berkshire because of “the smile in her voice”. Emily is also keen on creative writing : having worked on a student newspaper while at university, her ambition now is to write a book or have a script performed out on the radio “kind of like The Archers on BBC Radio 4!”

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