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Gerard Rocks is HRR’s longest-serving member and current Chairman. He presents the weekly comedy compendium “I Suppose You Think That’s Funny” as well being a regular on the Saturday lunchtime HRR Requests team and hosting some editions of  our “Take Five” interview programme – but over his 39 years with the station he has covered “virtually every type of show imaginable”. He started in Hospital Radio while at university in Oxford, where amongst others he interviewed Cliff Richard, The Goodies and Hinge & Brackett and he joined HRR after taking up his day job in Reading as a French teacher in 1981. Gerard speaks fondly of musical memories “This’ll really date me. I can remember listening to the Light Programme –Uncle Mac’s Children’s Favourites on a Saturday morning and Housewives’ Choice (with my mum – honest !!) on weekdays. They would often play the end of the 1812 Overture and all those bells and canons used to really scare me!” As he gets older Gerard is increasingly bemused by the growing number of patients and visitors he meets on the wards who say he reminds them of a certain TV personality, pantomime dame and one-time “I’m a Celebrity” winner…  And Gerard has become something of an on-screen personality himself as a contestant in a number of TV quizzes. He once succeeded in leaving Anne Robinson almost speechless by serenading her on The Weakest Link, went on to beat the formidable Mark “The Beast” Labett on The Chase and, in January 2017, he won the top prize on BBC1’s new daytime quiz  !mpossible (and promptly donated half of it to HRR!). Now that he is semi-retired, Gerard has been taking a few tentative steps in the world of film and television supporting artistes (or “extras” as they used to be known) and can be glimpsed in “The Crown” on Netflix as a Bishop processing down the aisle in Westminster Abbey alongside Claire Foy.

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