Hannah Bartle

Hannah Bartle has been part of the Sunday evening HRR Requests team since the spring of 2015 and works as a Marketing & PR Assistant for Thames Hospice, a local charity based in Windsor. It’s probably no surprise that she specialised in radio as part of her media and communications degree at Birmingham City University, as one of her earliest memories is recording a pretend radio show on a cassette tape at the age of 4 (“I sang the alphabet!”). A fan of Sara Cox’s natural northern style in her youth, Hannah currently loves Greg James and admires his passion for radio and how he has progressed from student radio to presenting the breakfast show on Radio 1.  Hannah enjoys days out exploring new places and attending gigs and her musical preferences include “a bit of everything but mainly rock”.  She used to want to be a radio producer for a big national radio show, now she dreams of working abroad for a while but is happy to see where life takes her.

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