Jamie Patey

Jamie Patey shows

Jamie Patey only joined us at HRR in late 2018 but is already threatening to take over the station! After a brief spell with the Wednesday night HRR Requests team he transferred to the Saturday Lunchtime Requests crew and he can also be heard co-hosting “Good Afternoon Royal Berks”. His son spent some time in Dolphin Ward at RBH a few years ago “and loved listening to HRR so I felt it was my time to do something for the kids!!” His background is in financial services management but Jamie was eager to return to the world of radio after leaving the Capital / Global Radio Group, where he worked behind the scenes alongside such personalities as Lisa Snowdon (George Clooney’s ex) and Dave Berry as a format developer, “coming up with sketches and features” (and presumably learning how to name-drop – Ed). Now that he’s been let loose on-air himself at HRR he cites Chris Moyles and Chris Evans among the broadcasters he particularly admires (and cheekily adds HRR Chairman / Producer Gerard to the list so his future in the organisation would appear secure!) Jamie is renowned amongst his HRR teammates for his willingness to play Taylor Swift at every available opportunity – but, whatever you do, don’t mention classical music when he’s around!

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