Martin O’Czaja

Martin O’Czaja started his hospital radio career at Watford where a friend had become involved and he wanted to use his technical skills to assist. But family commitments (and three years of struggling with traffic on the M25 !) led him to leave and become Specialist ICT Advisor to the Hospital Broadcasting Association instead. It was at one of their annual conferences that Martin met some of the HRR team who promptly encouraged him to drive in the opposite direction from his Surrey home and come and join us in Reading. Martin was soon put to work building the furniture for our renovation of Studio 1 and upgrading the various technical systems. Martin describes his job as “ensuring the facilities our presenters require and service that our listeners deserve are working as close to 100% of the time as possible and practicable within the resources we have”.  His knowledge and resourcefulness were put to the test by the Covid-19 pandemic as he rapidly engineered ways of connecting up some of HRR’s presenters so they could continue to do their shows from home studios during lockdown. And in fact he himself now presents The Friday Feel-Good Show every week from the comfort (?) of his own attic studio at home in Surrey.

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