Nuri Khan

Nuri Khan first discovered hospital radio while working in South Wales and really loved it, so when he moved back to Reading he eventually tracked us down at HRR in the summer of 2018 and started out presenting your HRR Requests on Thursday and then Sunday evenings. By day Nuri works as a contractor in IT, which, as he says, “sounds boring…but I have had the chance to work for a lot of big telecoms companies, more recently I have worked for banks, the NHS and even a supermarket and I am presently working with the Metropolitan Police”. His hobbies include playing squash, reading, DIY and, of course, listening to music, which in his case means blues and gospel, but he also loves rock‘n’roll and music from the 80s 70s and 60s – which he took a while to discover! His earliest memories of listening to music involve country and western on a reel to reel tape machine back in the sixties but he admits he “never really got into music back then” and “only got into 60s stuff when everyone else had probably moved on”.  It was visiting relatives and eventually buying The Beatles’ Abbey Road album and Alladin Sane by Bowie that changed everything. And Nuri’s main passion is for rock‘n’roll and especially blues, which is the subject of his own regular show on HRR “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” which he presents as his alter-ego “DJ NK”.

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