Stuart Holden

Stuart Holden spent several years on the Friday HRR Requests team before taking over his current Saturday morning slot at the end of 2009. He claims to have joined HRR after a conversation in the pub with Gerard Rocks, with whom he shared a couple of mutual acquaintances, when he’d“had too much to drink and was unable to put up any resistance!“ Stuart works as an Account Manager for a Telecoms company and listens “to Radio 1 in the mornings, Jeremy Vine at lunch and Radio 4 for the rest of the day” (editor’s note : when do you get the work done, Stuart?). He enjoys all types of music except R&B, Hip hop and country and western, which means his tastes are considerably more sophisticated nowadays than when he bought his first record, the Frog Chorus by Paul McCartney  (“I was very young at the time”).

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