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A Word from our Chairman



It is my privilege to welcome you to the HRR website and to encourage you to investigate the FREE radio service that HRR provides by pressing the orange button on your bedside handset.

Once you see Hospital Radio highlighted in pink on the screen you need to press the tick button (towards the top right on your handset). That usually works but, if the words Hospital Radio do not appear in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen after a few seconds, you may need to pick up the telephone (to the left of the screen) and press the green button to speak to the operator. And don’t hesitate to ask the ward staff for headphones if you don’t have any of your own. Another way of hearing us is to press the little button at the bottom of the handset, between the loudspeaker and headphone symbols, and (in most wards) you can then hear us on your console’s built-in loudspeakers (but please make sure you use the headphones late at night!)

I hope that listening to our programmes will help to make your stay in the RBH is as pleasant as possible in the circumstances. And, on behalf of all of us at HRR, may I wish you a speedy recovery.

Gerard Rocks